Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More cool Podcasts: Science Fiction

Podcasts are the new radio. I don't listen to radio much at all anymore--especially for talk and news. I much prefer to hook up with Podcasts talking about and interviewing people about exactly the things I'm interested in. I might hear a science fiction or fantasy author interviewed two or three times a year if I listened to NPR constantly. Now there are a number of excellent shows which interview lots of fascinating authors on a weekly basis.

One excellent place to turn to for SF and F coverage is The Dragon Page: Cover to Cover. Their interviews are very satisfying, though I always wish they went on a little longer. The hosts all have very professional sounding radio voices (I especially love Summer's voice) and are pretty knowledgeable about the field. Along with the interviews they discuss writing, occasional bits about the publishing business and other aspects of the SF reading and writing experience.

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