Saturday, August 11, 2007

TV show featuring SF authors

Here's a Canadian TV show, Prisoners of Gravity, from the early nineties, devoted to Science Fiction. It is full of author interviews, and is generally much more concerned with written SF than media. It's really great--once you get used to the slightly cheesy framing device of a guy alone in his satellite with just a computer for company. It seems to specialize in plenty of well thought out interviews with big (and medium) name writers.

This particular episode makes some very fine connections between all the various SF stories focused around amnesia and issues of memory. It includes interviews with Pat Cadigan, Nancy Kress, Walter Jon Williams, Samuel Delaney, David Cronenberg and others.

Teddog3000 is doing us all a great service by posting episodes of this excellent, if obscure, show up on YouTube. Anyone who loves SF should take the time to explore what Teddog has already put up and keep an eye out for more. Click on Teddog3000 to see all the episodes posted so far.


Rachelle The Teddog said...

Thanks for the post!

I've slacked off on the uploads for a while (work, ugh) but I intend to start back up again. I still have... oh... about another 30 or so episodes to post, at least.

DJK said...

I love what you've posted so far. I hope other SF fans manage to find your posts.